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Nursery Manager Position Opening

Company: Central Coast Wilds
Phone: (831) 459-0656
Fax: (831) 457 1606
Position: Full Time Permanent:
50% Field
50% Administrative
Supervisors: Josh Fodor - General Manager
 Cindy Hudson - Outgoing Nursery Manager
Salary Range:


Schedule: Monday - Friday

Central Coast Wilds (CCW), a division of Ecological Concerns Incorporated (ECI), is a California native plant nursery founded in 1992.   Our work is motivated by our concern over the continuing threats of native species extinction, concomitant loss of biodiversity and the desertification of California's bioregions.  We believe that these trends can be reversed through the integration of ecological principles with land use planning.  We provide ecological services with applications in natural lands management, landscape design-build and sustainable agriculture.

Nursery Production Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and direct all nursery staff.

  • Manage propagation, irrigation, fertilization and maintenance schedules.

  • Implement organic IPM programs for general and specific pests.

  • Conduct pesticide safety training.

  • Implement nursery propagation protocols for over 300 different native plant species.

  • Use and maintain the nursery plant inventory data base (MS Access DB).

  • Maintain the supply of all nursery production materials.

  • Oversee and participate in construction and maintenance of nursery facilities.

  • Coordinate plant deliveries and deliver plants as required.

  • Implement and manage BMPs for pest control and water quality.

  • Procure appropriate potting soil/test and maintain water quality. Contract Management

  • Manage all aspects of multiple production contracts

  • Continuously review the status of current projects and plant materials being grown.

  • Provide accurate grow times for plants requested by potential contract clients.

  • Communicate with customers and project managers regarding the status of their contracts.

  • Negotiate change orders to contracts as required to accommodate customer needs.

Required Qualifications

  • College degree in horticulture or related biological science (e.g. plant ecology).

  • Minimum five years nursery management experience.

  • Minimum five years native plant propagation and production experience.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of California native plant identification at multiple stages of development.

  • Good working knowledge of California native plant communities.

  • Strong organizational skills and proven ability to coordinate multiple complex project simultaneously.

  • Ability to work independently to complete specific tasks and meet inflexible deadlines.

  • Ability to multi-task and work in a hectic office environment with various personalities.

  • Excellent communication and customer relations skills.

  • Must be physically fit: able to stoop, bend, and repeatedly lift 35 lb

  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record.

  • Willingness to work in inclement weather (rain gear provided).


Send resume and brief cover letter to

Application (in PDF format)






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Nursery Production Responsibilities: 

Required Qualifications

Send resume and brief cover letter to