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CCW Pot Size Chart

CCW Pot Code CCW Pot Name Other names Diameter/Width Height Volume Shape Link To Photo
P128 128 Plug Tray 1 2 4 Square
4" 4" pot 3.75 3.5 44 Square
TB5 Treeband 5 2.38 5 19 Square
LT6 Leach Tube 6 SC7 1.5 5.5 7 Tube
LT8 Leach Tube 8 SC10 1.5 8.25 10 Tube
DP16 Deepot 16 2 7 16 Tube
DP40 Deepot40 2.5 10 40 Tube
DP60 Deepot60 2.5 14 60 Tube
TP4 Treepot4 Treepot414 4 14 168 Square
1G 1 Gallon 6 7 180 Round

All measurements in inches or cubic inches.

About Pot Shapes

Leach Tubes and Deepots

Leach Tubes and Deepots are all designed to maximize space while encouraging deep root development. Ideal for all plants that want to send down a robust root system, these pots are great for everything from grasses, to Redwood Trees.


Treebands are great for maximizing plant health while keeping them at a small, manageable size. The open cross bottom pot air prunes roots as they grow out the bottom.


Treepots are designed for large trees and allows them to set down a deep root system while also leaving plenty of space at the base of the tree for ample growth of the root crown.

P128 Flats

The P128 is an economical way to get a large quantity of plants that do not need to be large upon purchase. Typically only grasses and sedges are appropriate for this size.

4" Pots

The 4" pot is a great pot size for plants that want to spread or have a wide leaf base.

1 Gallon Pots

1 Gallon pots can be a great size to allow for maximum root development while also promoting ample space for crown and shoot development. Their relative large volume make them a good pot for plants that need to spend more time in the pot before being outplanted.


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